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Intensive In-Home Counseling

Eastern Virginia Advanced Care, LLC 

The program specifically targets youth at risk of removal from home because of behavior and mental health challenges which requires intensive one-on-one counseling.

The services are provided to the youth and their family in their home setting.

Counseling is provided in the client's home a minimum of three to five times a week, based on medical necessity. Sessions may last from on e to three hours, allowing thorough exploration of alternatives to the negative behaviors that are hindering the client from becoming a cooperative member of the family or community. Because of the intense nature of this service, 24-hour crisis intervention is also available. An Individual Service Plan (ISP) is constructed when each client enters the program. Through counseling discussions, role play, and clinically planned activities outside the home, negative behaviors are dealt with in a positive manner that moves the child toward achieving measurable goals. The overall purpose of this type of counseling is to help the child and his or her family, achieve stability, safety and mutual respect, while keeping the client in the home and preventing out of home placement.

Mental Health Skill Building Services

Our primary goal is to preserve the individual's independence and maintenance of healthy daily living through dedicated case management services which provides the following:

Community Linkage:

Actively matches individuals with resources in the community to support mental health stability and self-sufficiency. This will include coordination with other required services and other resources available through local Community Services Boards, Court Services Departments, Public health Centers, School Systems and other agencies.

ADL Skills Development:

Provides interventions and behavioral rehearsal to maintain sufficient budget, healthy lifestyle habits and proper management of living conditions.

Communication Skills Training:

Assists in developing and practicing independent living skills, appropriate problem-solving skills, anger management skills and negotiation of interpersonal interactions.